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Kit Adjust Enforecer 600W

Lighting kit for indoor growing 600W, with one of the best reflectors on the market, the Adjust-a-Wings now in its new ENFORCER models. Magnetic ballast and choose the bulb you prefer to form your Adjust lighting kit.

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The 600W magnetic Adjust lighting kit consists of the following elements:

- Adjust-a-Wings ENFORCER reflector, the updated version of the previous stucco model. (Without Spreader). Sizes 70cm x 55 cm.

- 600W Agrolite Class 2 ballast, thermoset plastic encapsulated ballast and ready-to-mount wiring.

- 600W bulb to choose from the best brands:

ECO Line HPS Mixed: HPS Mixed bulb for the entire cycle of plants, growth and flowering. 

ECO Line HPS Bloom: High pressure sodium bulb for flowering (HPS), with good value for money.

Agrolite HPS Mixed: Sodium bulb with mixed spectrum for the whole cycle

Agrolite MH: Metal halide bulb, specific for plant growth. 

Sylvania Grolux: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good yield 90000 Lm. 

Sylvania TS: High pressure sodium bulb (HPS), for the flowering phase of marijuana crops indoors with 90000Lm. 

Philips Green Power: Mixed growth and flowering bulbs with the best results, 90,000 Lm. 

Sunmaster MH: Specific bulb for plant growth, high performance and with very defined and stable spectra, 50000 Lm.

Potencia 600W

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Kit Adjust Enforecer 600W