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Mini Kit Cultivo 250W

Complete indoor grow kit with tent for self-cultivation of small marijuana crop. Perfect to take advantage of any corner of the house and be able to grow your cannabis plants. All complete with nutrients and seeds included.

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The 250W mini grow kit is made up of the following common elements:

VK125 extractor of 190 m3/h air extractor, to extract hot air from inside the tent.

Clamp fan with two speeds, recirculates the air and strengthens the branches.

Aluconnect tube 125mm x 2 meters, to expel the air to the outside.

Analog timer, used to turn the lights on and off.

Digital Thermohygrometer, to control the temperature and humidity of our tent.

Pulleys, to raise and lower the reflector to the appropriate height.

Smooth or coated aluminum reflector with ceramic cap.

Grow Explossion of 500ml, nutrient for the growth phase.

Bloom Explossion of 500ml, nutrient for the flowering phase.

Bactohemp of 10grs, mycorrhizae to stimulate the roots.

6 pots of 5L, for the good growth of the plants.

6 seeds to choose from some varieties of Advanced Seeds or 00 Seeds.


Tent to choose:

60x60x160: Fully opaque Pure Tent cabinet with a super reflective interior Mylar 195D.

80x80x180: Completely opaque Pure Tent cabinet, slightly larger in dimensions and with a super reflective interior Mylar 195D.

Ballast for HPS 250W bulb to choose between:

Control Gear 1: The most classic ballast, requires connection wiring.

Lumatek Dimmable: These electronic ballasts are the best in their category, with a compact design and high quality components, they make the LumatekR a dynamic ballast in which you can select the power depending on the plant stage between 150 - 175 - 250 - 250SL.

250W HPS bulb to choose from:

Agrolite Mixta: HPS bulb for both growth and flowering.

Sylvania GrowLux Mixed: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good performance.

Potencia 250W

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Mini Kit Cultivo 250W

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