Reflector Refrigerado AeroWing - PowerPlant

High quality cooled parabolic reflector designed for indoor cultivation pot. Its thermal glass enables lowering the temperature without losing light output, besides the possibility of connecting to the extraction system culture room. IEC cable included 5 meters with ceramic ferrule. Dimensions: 54cm x 60cm and mouth 150mm

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Its design provides exceptional ventilation for our bulbs without losing usable lumens or m2.

The ability to connect multiple Aerowings followed it ideal for large crops.

Combined with a good exhaust system, avoid the heat emitted by discharge lamps to accumulate in the room. This results in a more stable temperature of said room. By keeping the cold reflector, we can bring it closer to the tips of our plants, obtaining greater light penetration. Always, although it sounds repetitive, we must consider the proper height to suministar light intensity required the desired area must be respected.

It measures 54 inches wide by 60 deep.

As the louver 150 mm.

IEC cable included 5 meters with ceramic ferrule.

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Reflector Refrigerado AeroWing - PowerPlant