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Kit Cooltube 150mm + Wings 600W

600W lighting kit with Cooltube 150mm cooled reflector plus Adjust a Wings Enforcer. Ideal kit for indoor marijuana growing in summer, because you can extract part of the heat out of the crop, connecting the Cooltube reflector to the extractor of the same diameter and thus lowering the indoor temperature. Includes ballast and 600W bulb of your choice.

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The Cooltube 600W + Wings cooled lighting kit consists of the following elements:

- Cooltube Glass 150mm reflector plus Adjust a Wings Enforcer reflector, to lower the temperature of the crop, thanks to directly extract the heat generated by the bulb. Designed to be connected to a 150mm diameter extractor. With the Cooltube reflector plus the Adjust Enforcer you can increase the cultivation surface and a higher reflection.

- 600W Agrolite Class 2 ballast, thermoset plastic encapsulated ballast and ready-to-mount wiring.

- 600W bulb to choose from the best brands: 

ECO Line HPS Mixed: HPS Mixed bulb for the entire cycle of plants, growth and flowering. 

ECO Line HPS Bloom: High pressure sodium bulb for flowering (HPS), with good value for money.

Agrolite HPS Mixed: Sodium bulb with mixed spectrum for the whole cycle

Agrolite MH: Metal halide bulb, specific for plant growth. 

Sylvania Grolux: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good yield 90000 Lm. 

Sylvania TS: High pressure sodium bulb (HPS), for the flowering phase of marijuana crops indoors with 90000Lm. 

Philips Green Power: Mixed growth and flowering bulbs with the best results, 90,000 Lm. 

Sunmaster MH: Specific bulb for plant growth, high performance and with very defined and stable spectra, 50000 Lm.

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Kit Cooltube 150mm + Wings 600W