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Basic Lighting Kit 400W

This 400W lighting kit consists of a basic reflector (simple), ballast and 400W bulb to illuminate your indoor marijuana crop. You can choose between several models of ballasts and bulbs, either magnetic or electronic ballasts, and metal halide bulbs for growth and / or High Pressure Sodium for growth and flowering.

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The Basic 400W lighting kit consists of the following:

- Basic Reflector (simple), designed for economical set-ups.

- 400W ballast to be selected from the following models and brands:

Control Gear 1 of 400W: The most classic ballast, requires wiring connection.

Lumatek Dimmable: These electronic ballasts are the best in their category, compact design and high quality components make the Lumatek a dynamic ballast in which you can select the power depending on the stage of the plant between 250 - 250SL - 400 - 400SL. Plug&Play

- 400W bulb to choose from the best brands:

SuperLumen HPS: Mixed high pressure sodium bulb (HPS) for growth and flowering, with good value for money.

Pure MH: Metal Halide bulb for plant growth with 30000 Lm.

Agrolite HPS: HPS bulb for both growth and flowering with 45000 Lm.

Sylvania Grolux HPS: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good performance 50000 Lm.

Philips Green Power: Mixed growth and flowering bulbs with the best results, 56500 Lm.

Potencia 400W

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Basic Lighting Kit 400W