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Basic Lighting Kit 250W

250W lighting kit with basic reflector. With this kit you can grow your marijuana for self-cultivation in small cupboards or rooms. It is also ideal for the maintenance of mother plants. The kit consists of a basic reflector, a 250W ballast and a 250W mixed or growth bulb.

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The 250W Basic lighting kit consists of the following:

- Basic Reflector (simple), designed for economical set-ups.

- Ballast Control Gear 1 of 250W, the most classic ballast, requires connection wiring.

- Bulb of 250W to choose between the best brands:

Pure Light HPS: Mixed high pressure sodium bulb (HPS) for growth and flowering, with good value for money. 32000 Lm

Pure Light MH: Metal Halide (MH) bulb for the growth stage, with good value for money.

Agrolite HPS: HPS bulb for both growing and flowering with 34000 Lm.

Sylvania GroLux: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good performance 34000 Lm.

Potencia 250W

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Basic Lighting Kit 250W

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