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Cooltube Lighting Kit 250W

250W cooled lighting kit with 125mm Cooltube reflector. By connecting the Cooltube to an extractor, the heat from the bulb will be taken out of the indoor grow room, reducing the temperature of the cabinet or room. Complete your lighting kit by selecting the ballast and bulb of your choice.

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The Cooltube 125mm 250W lighting kit consists of the following:

- Cooltube Glass 125mm reflector with single reflector, we will reduce the temperature of the crop, thanks to directly extract the heat generated by the bulb. Designed to be connected to a 125 mm diameter extractor.

- Ballast Control Gear 1 of 250W, the most classic ballast, requires connection wiring.

- Bulb of 250W to choose between the best brands:

Pure Light HPS: Mixed high pressure sodium bulb (HPS) for growth and flowering, with good value for money. 32000 Lm

Pure Light MH: Metal Halide (MH) bulb for the growth stage, with good value for money.

Agrolite HPS: HPS bulb for both growing and flowering with 34000 Lm.

Sylvania GroLux: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good performance 34000 Lm.

Potencia 250W

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Cooltube Lighting Kit 250W

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