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150w - 250w Lighting kit There are 4 products.

  • Lighting kit 150W for indoor growing marijuana, ideal for growers who do not want to get high yields but want to dive into the world of indoor cultivation. Ballast plug & play wiring, mixed HPS bulb and aluminum reflector.

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  • 250W lighting kit with basic reflector. With this kit you can grow your marijuana for self-cultivation in small cupboards or rooms. It is also ideal for the maintenance of mother plants. The kit consists of a basic reflector, a 250W ballast and a 250W mixed or growth bulb.

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  • 250W cooled lighting kit with 125mm Cooltube reflector. By connecting the Cooltube to an extractor, the heat from the bulb will be taken out of the indoor grow room, reducing the temperature of the cabinet or room. Complete your lighting kit by selecting the ballast and bulb of your choice.

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  • Kit for lighting a small marijuana crop for self-consumption of 250W. It consists of one of the best reflectors on the market such as the Adjust-a-wings Enforcer, plus ballast and bulb to select from several models to assemble your lighting kit with the best components.

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