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Kit Cultivo Profesional LEC 315W

Spectacular LEC - CDM 315W Professional indoor grow kit without a closet, with which you can turn a small room into a true indoor marijuana grow, with the new LEC technology, with yields higher than 400W HPS, but with less consumption. Includes anti odor filter, pots, nutrients and marijuana seeds. High-quality components for professional use.

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The PROFESSIONAL 315W LEC grow kit is composed of the following common elements:

Prima Klima 125 extractor of 385 m3/h, for heat extraction and air renewal.

Aluconnect tube 127 x 3 meters, to connect the extraction.

Prima Klima ECO 125/250 odor filter with up to 360 m3/h filtration.

Digital timer, we will use it to turn on and off all the equipment.

Digital thermohygrometer with probe Kenex CTH608-A, to control humidity and temperature values.

Pulleys to raise and lower the focus according to the phase of the crop.

Flanges to fit the tube to the extractor.

3 meters of Reflective Mylar Diamond paper, so you can put it on the wall and take advantage of all the reflection of the bulb.

BactoHemp of 10gr for stimulating the bacterial life in the soil, acting among others as a root stimulator.

Base nutrient HY-Pro Terra of 1L, for the growth and flowering phase.

Bio Synergy of 500ml. Growth and flowering Stimulator to increase the development and the final result plants.

PK + 23/27 of 500ml, nutrient based on phosphorus and potassium for a fattening of the buds, .

Kaya Solution Ph reducer of 500ml.

Drop test to know the pH of the water.

9 pots of 7L to be able to make good plants.

9 Feminized seeds from Advanced Seeds or 00seeds.


LEC 315W ballast to choose between:

Vanguard LEC Magnetic: Vanguard 315W magnetic ballast, LEC type, generates less heat than HPS ones and we obtain a better light spectrum.

Solux Selecta LEC Dimmable: Solux Selecta LEC 315W dimmable ballast, new lighting technology for indoor growing, obtaining productions similar to the 600W HPS, but generating less heat and less electricity consumption.

Lumatek LEC 315 Dimmable: Lumatek digital ballast LEC 315W, dimmable from 50% to 100% of the power. The spectrum of light that these lighting equipment generate is very similar to that of the sun.

Philips LEC 315W: Philips LEC 315W ballast with top quality components. Developed with LEC technology, which provides a more complete spectrum of light, with greater stability and homogeneity.

Reflector for bulb to choose between:

Basic Reflector: Basic reflectors with E40 socket, with reflection limitations

Micropunto XL: Coated aluminum reflector of larger dimensions increasing the reflection capacity.

Adjust-a-Wings ENFORCER Original: The Adjust-aWings reflector is the one with the best performance due to reflection and manufacturing materials, highly recommended.

Cooltube Glass 125: Cooled reflector with single reflector to cover more surface area and extract the heat generated by the bulbs.

Bulb LEC - CDM 315W to choose between:

Vanguard LEC 315W 3100k E-40: Mixed LEC bulb for growth and flowering, with E40 socket. Bulb only available with Vanguard LEC magnetic ballast.

Solux LEC 315W 3100K: Mixed LEC bulb valid for both growth and flowering 35000 Lm.

Solux LEC 315W 4200k: LEC bulb for plant growth, 35000 Lm.

Philips LEC 315W 3000k: Philips LEC bulb for growth and flowering with the best results, 38700 Lm.

Philips LEC 315W 4200k: Best performing Philips LEC grow light bulb, 35500 Lm

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Kit Cultivo Profesional LEC 315W

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