Mallas Extracción Medical Nets 120L

Resin or hashish extraction mesh set with ice. Manufactured entirely with filter mesh to facilitate and expedite the work of food grade nylon. Laser cut and triple reinforced stitching, designed for durability. Includes 25 micron drying mesh / sieve and transport bag.

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  • 3 mallas
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- 100% extraction screens made of food grade nylon filter, undyed

- Made of monofilament nylon, with conical shape and with 100% of the filter mesh bag

- Specifically designed to save time and labor

- Laser cut, with triple reinforced seams to increase durability

- Heat resistant up to 225ºC

- With lock laces for easy handling

- Includes 25 micron drying sieve

- Transport bag

- Instruction sheet

Available in:

- Set of 3 meshes (220,120,25)

- Set of 9 meshes (220,190,160,140,120,90,73,45,25)

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Mallas Extracción Medical Nets 120L