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Myco Jordan - Elite 91

Wettable powder compound of mycorrhizae and endomycorrhizal fungi 100% organic, suitable for use in all types of crops: soil, coconut or hydroponics. It can be applied by mixing it with irrigation water or directly in the transplant hole. Myco Jordan will give life to your substrate by making the root system multiply, absorbing more nutrients and generating impressive plants.

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Myco Jordan is a wettable powder that contains 100% organic endomycorrhizal fungi in concentrations higher than the purest viable spores used as a soil drench or seed / root inoculant. These fungi adhere to the roots to act symbiotically with them, favoring the absorption of water and nutrients.

Myco Jordan is designed for use in soil, coco and hydroponics.


Begin by mixing the product with a small amount of water and gradually add more water until the desired dilution rate is reached. Add to deposit. Maintain agitation throughout the application. This will keep mycorrhizal fungi in suspension for even distribution when applied as root wetting.

- Seed treatment: Lightly sprinkle each seed before planting.

- Cuttings: Add 1-2 teaspoons for every 3.785 l of water. Soak the initial growing medium for up to 15 minutes before placing the new cuttings.

- Small Plant Transplant: Lightly dust each plant site with 1-2 teaspoon (s) around the root zone or directly on the roots of the plant. Make sure the roots are in direct physical contact with the powdered inoculum.

- Amend: Mix well 28.3-85 g with 0.07 m³ of culture substrate.

- Fertilizer technology: Mix 113 g to 500 g of Myco Jordan with 300ml to 1 liter of osmotized water. The concentration of spores with Myco Jordan and the desired consistency of the compost will depend on how you like it to be, flow freely or be thicker. Mix the compost very well each time (spores will settle if there is no constant water movement) before dipping / going through the 0.25 cm to 1.27 cm rockwool / starter buckets root zone . Use this method and return your cuttings to the tray / insert for 48-72 hours. Once you've transplanted all of your cuttings, dilute the remaining compost with more water and apply it generously to the growing medium.

- Plants established in soil and coconut: Add 1-2 tablespoons for every 3,785 l of water. Pour the solution around the base of each plant. Apply one or three times a week until the second or third week of flowering.


- Hydroponics and irrigation: Add 1/2 - 1 cup for every 189 liters of water. NOTE: Remove filters and use nozzles with a minimum of 18 mesh (1mm) opening to avoid clogging. Apply once a week or with each nutrient change until the 2nd or 3rd week of flowering.

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Myco Jordan - Elite 91