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  • New PAX 3 vaporizer. New model of the smallest and most compact portable marijuana vaporizer on the market, increasing the capacity of your battery and incorporating a plate to vaporize your concentrates and extractions of cannabis like BHO, WAX, Shatter... In addition, Its Innovative APP for the adjustment of the temperature degree to degree.NEW COLORS...

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  • One of the vaporizers smaller and more powerful portable pot (5.7 x 3.3 x 11.0 cm). Lightweight, compact and easy to use; Just pressing a button, in less than a minute you're ready to vaporize. Crafty runs on two points adjustable temperature from your mobile with a free App. High quality battery lithium ion battery that provides durability.

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  • Portable marijuana vaporizer, the VOLCANO brand. Super tough, this vaporizer works with two powerful lithium batteries so their continued use is long lasting. Temperature control of high precision and LED display. The desired temperature is easily adjusted with the plus and minus buttons. Automatic (60 seconds of inactivity) off, and can operate while...

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  • Vaporizador portátil Da Vinci garantía de calidad y elegancia. Funciona con hierbas y aceites esenciales. La batería dura aproximadamente 1 hora. Ahora ya no tienes excusa para vaporizarte.

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  • New marijuana vaporizer Arizer Tech. The Arizer Air is more compact, lightweight and portable due to its size of 122mm high and 29mm in diameter. Its ceramic heating element and borosilicate ducts, generate high quality steam. Advanced temperature setting 5-point, removable and interchangeable battery, so you never run out of steam.

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