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Arlita Hydro Roks - Atami

Hydro Rokz by Atami are balls of expanded clay or arlite that are used as a substrate in hydroponic marijuana crops. They are also used to drain the plants in the lower part of the pots, in this way no water accumulates at the bottom and we prevent the roots from rotting. Another use is to mix with the soil when it is very compact to aerate and oxygenate the roots.

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Hydro Rokz (arlite) are granules produced with fired pure expanded clay, free of salts. The quality of arlite is largely determined by its pH. In addition, it contains a significant concentration of sodium and manganese.

Expanded clay is used for various cultivation modes. In potting soil they are often used at the base of the pot, under the soil substrate. The claystone here constitutes an additional drainage function that facilitates drainage and oxygen supply from the base. In other cases, the claystone is mixed with the substrate to facilitate the porosity of the growing medium. With this, the roots can branch more easily.

A third method that is also often used is to grow the plant directly in the expanded clay. This is often done in combination with an oxygen pump. Thus, the roots at the bottom of the container are continuously in a solution of water with liquid fertilizers, the oxygen pump makes the roots receive sufficient oxygen. This cultivation method is very successful. Plants receive as much oxygen at the top (as it lets air through easily) and at the bottom. Moving water contains higher concentrations of oxygen than standing water. It doesn't take long for the grower to see that the plant appreciates the abundance of oxygen. The plants grow rapidly and develop a strong and extensive root system, which provides sufficient support to develop a robust stem and branches. With this, the plant produces excellent clusters of flowers during the flowering period.

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Arlita Hydro Roks - Atami