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Substrate Kilo Mix - Atami

Atami KiloMix contains many more fertilizers compared to Janeco Mix. The Ata Organics KiloMix constitutes a perfect base for marijuana plants since it is rich in important nutrients, which will last between 3-4 weeks, then you will have to start fertilizing. Available in 50L bags.

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Ata Organics Kilomix contains, compared to Ata Janecomix, many more fertilizers. Ata Organics Kilomix is ​​also a perfect base for all types of plants as it is rich in important nutrients. Thus, worm humus, lime, guano and many other organic substances of great importance, are part of this substrate. For all this, Ata Organics Kilomix contains everything that plants need, practically guaranteeing the absence of deficiencies. Since the balance of nutrients has been designed in a professional way, the release of the important nutrient elements occurs constantly and over a long period of time.

Any plant will enjoy developing in this perfectly enriched subsoil.

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Substrate Kilo Mix - Atami