Medidor portátil pH / EC / TDS y Temperatura Hanna (HI 9814)

All-in-one portable pH, EC / TDS and temperature meter from Hanna Instruments. With this meter you will have in a single device, all the parameters that we want to know about the irrigation water of our crop. With a quick calibration function in which we will calibrate PH and EC with a single solution, preamplified probe, error prevention system and auto shutdown among others.

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HI9814 is designed to offer a combination of pH, conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature measurements. All operations and adjustments, including calibration buffers and temperature scale selections, are done via two buttons only. The housing is waterproof and suitable for IP67 (waterproof) conditions.

It also allows direct measurements on the ground with a specific HI12943 electrode.

Nutrient solutions with a probe

pH and EC / TDS are two of the most commonly measured parameters in hydroponic nutrient solutions. With the HI9814 we don't need to choose between equipment and probe changes. This meter uses a single specialized probe, designed to accurately measure both key parameters at the same time.

In addition, it offers a quick calibration function, which allows both parameters to be calibrated with a single solution. Simply choose the calibration mode and the meter will automatically detect and calibrate the pH and EC sensors. EC calibration is automatically applied to TDS readings.

Other user selectable characteristics are TDS factors of 0.5 0.7, also auto shut off after 8 minutes or 60 minutes or can be disabled.

Especially robust probe with pH, ​​EC and temperature sensor

The specialized development of the HI1285-7 (pH, EC) probe uses a fiber and gel electrolyte junction, which provides a fast response and reduces contamination. These characteristics make this probe ideal for use in fertilizer solutions. A solid state preamplifier is integrated into the probe, to protect the pH measurement from any electrical noise that occurs in this type of installation.

In summary, the main features are:

• Waterproof
• Multi-parameter probe with built-in temperature sensor.
• Automatic temperature compensation (CAT)
• Rapid one-point pH and conductivity calibration with a single calibration solution
• One or two pH points and one conductivity point in standard calibrations
• Preamplified probe to protect pH measurements from electrical noise
• Stability indicator for accurate data collection
• Battery Error Prevention System
• Battery indicator
• Auto shutdown
• Help messages and functions

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Medidor portátil pH / EC / TDS y Temperatura Hanna (HI 9814)