Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro LED

Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro LED, is a full spectrum LED lighting for the entire cycle, whether it is growth or flowering of an indoor marijuana crop. Manufactured with high quality LED diodes, such as LumLed (white) and Osram (red), it provides an efficiency of 2.7 µmol / s per W, with a PAR of 1620 µmol / s ideal to cover a surface of 1.2x1.2 or 1.5 x1.5 m. Dimmable from 25% to 100%

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Lumatek introduces the Zeus 600W Pro LED panel, multi-light linear bar lighting that produces a high PPF of 1620 µmol / s and an efficiency of 2.7 µmol / J.

Lumatek's full spectrum horticultural LED solutions balance the quality of light (spectra) with the amount of light (intensity and duration) sufficient to provide illumination for the entire growth cycle from the vegetative period to the flowering period.

The Lumatek Zeus is built with high quality Lumatek Drivers and LUMLED (White Led) and Osram (Red Led) LEDs that generate a full spectrum light source ideal for marijuana and flowering cycles.

For different types of cultivation, propagation and growth periods, the Lumatek Zeus Pro can be dimmed without losing efficiency. The height, efficiency and low power LED configuration with six LED bars reduces LED temperature which increases output and improves maintenance of light.

The Zeus fixture can also be controlled externally with a Lumatek digital lighting controller with auto-dimming, temperature safety control, Sunrise & Sunset mode for up to 100 fixtures per controller.


Efficacy: 2.7 µmol / J
PPF: 1620 µmol / s
Input voltage: 200-240V
Power Consumption: 600W
Footprint: 1.5x1.5m
Waterproof: IP65
Lifespan: 60,000 hours
Light distribution: 120 °
Light source: Osram (red) and LUMLED diodes (white)
Dimmable: OFF-25% -50% -75% -100% with 0-10V dimmer (included)
Weight: 13.5 Kg
Dimensions: 1091 x 1182.4 x 51.9 mm
Spectrum: Balanced full spectrum, both for growth and flowering

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Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro LED

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